Who earns the most. Page 3 models or escorts

It might be very glamorous to be a page 3 model in the Sun but does it really earn you that much money. It is an interesting topic to explore, and the result may not be what you expect. There seems to be thousands of girls in London who would like to be page 3 models, but at the end of the day is there a way a girl dreaming of being a page 3 model could earn more money? If you are considering a career in modelling this is what you should ask yourself.

Girls on Page 3

A lots of London girls would like to be page 3 models. Many of them often look at this as a steeping stone to a more serious modelling career. The problem is that quite often these girls are promised the earth by agencies and photographers who are quick to take advantage.

Sadly, there are very few places these would be model super stars can ask advice, and find out the true earnings opportunities of a modelling career. The honest truth is that often a modelling career does not pay as much as initially promised by agents. Also once you have been a page 3 girl, many up market modelling agencies are reluctant to take you onto their books. As a former page 3 model you are not very likely to end up on the front cover of Vogue or the cat walks of Milan and Paris where the big bucks are made.

You may end up modelling underwear or perhaps in a calendar or two, but the likelihood of becoming a successful highly paid model is very slim. If you are a beautiful girl there are perhaps other career choices which you should consider.

What is wrong with a career as a London escort?

A model does have a tendency to look down on her counterpart. This is some what surprising, as both girls are really in the same business. One girl might be posing on page 3, but both are in the same industry of pleasure. It is absolutely nothing wrong with that and the truth is London escorts may throughout their professional career earn a lot more money. Very few page 3 girls make the big time, and most of us only remember a few of their names.

A career as a page 3 model is often short lived, and you are very unlikely to remain in the business for any considerable length of time. London escorts may however practice her profession until she feels ready to move on and do something else. If you look at the earning opportunities, you will probably find the page 3 girl will earn a lot less than escorts in London.

If you are dreaming of modelling career, you should also consider how well you will be treated. A lot of men like and appreciate their hired London escorts, and most girls are well looked after by their clients. Perhaps it would be a good idea to ask yourself if your average photographer would treat you to nice dinners and nights in 5 star hotels.

When all is said done, perhaps a beautiful girl should consider an alternative to a page 3 modelling career. She is more likely to be treated well but more than anything she will on a long term basis earn more with London escorts.

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