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Are there certain things that you must simply try in the bedroom? What about those people who never make love in the bedroom? To be perfectly truthful, I don’t always have sex with my boyfriend in the bedroom. But, still there are certain things that we really enjoy doing together. Before I joined London escorts, I trained to be a massage therapist so I know that having a massage is a very sensual experience. A lot of the gents that I date at London escorts, just seem to crave the simplest human touch, so I often give them a massage.

London escorts
London escorts

Of course, London escorts from are not into having sex with their dates. We are after all just companions, and not girlfriends. There are some great things that I do when I have sex with my boyfriend that I am sure that some of my dates at London escorts would enjoy. I often suggest new ways to them to have fun with their partners. Sex toys can be a great way of having some fun in the bedroom. Men are often willing to try this approach but for some reason women seem to be a bit more reluctant. However, once you get a lady to try, she often likes it a lot.

Dress up is another thing that my boyfriend and I are into. We like to dress up and assume different characters. I do some role play with my dates at London escorts, but it is not the same kind of role play that I do at home. It would be nice to think that my London escorts dates take away some of my ideas and try them with their partners at home. Dressing up is a bit of naughty funny, and I am sure that most of us have some characters that we would like to take on.

Bondage can be another fun part of partner play. At London escorts, we have girls who specialize in bondage. You do really need to be really experienced to introduce somebody else to bondage as things can go wrong. I do use it as play with partner and we both enjoy it. However, I am not it is the sort of thing that you should be doing unless you are experienced. Some of my dates at London escorts say that they do experience and enjoy some bondage with their partners at home. Good for them I say.

Love and sex can be really relaxing but you do need to let go. I know it can be difficult to totally trust somebody else but sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind. As we get older, we quickly lose our sense of fun. This is really what we need to regain. It is easier said than done, and a lot of people don’t manage at all. However, I encourage all of my dates at London escorts to have fun, and make sure that they enjoy themselves. After all, people that play together, stay together.

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