Should You Advertise Your Service?

Ladies working as london escorts always seem to have a real dilemma. Should they, or should they not, advertise in magazines? It is a bit of a difficult problem but it all depends on the publication and how it is done.

Classy Escorts in London

Most London escorts are so good looking that they are often mistaken for models. The girls are well dressed, and their hair and make up always look great so why shouldn’t they be allowed to advertise in magazines.

There are ways of making photographs look both sexy and inviting, but at the same time it is also easy to make them look classy. There is no need for full nude shots, or photos showing genitals. A photograph of a girl wearing some nice lingerie is not that different from many of the photos used by leading London clothing brands.

Perhaps we are just a little bit too hung about the world escorts in London live in, and we associate it with something a little bit dirty and tarty. It doesn’t have to be that way. Most girls have nice London apartments and have some strict criteria laid down. Visiting clients are asked to shower, and are also required to attend their appointment sober.

Wording in the Advert

Wording is important when it comes to describing any services. It doesn’t matter if you run a London escorts agency, or a respectable hotel.

There is no need to use sexually explicit language in an advert. Instead you can take the opportunity to explain the services offered such as outcalls and in calls.

You can invite a prospective client to email in with his specific requirements, and perhaps even explain that you offer an online booking service.

Some London escorts like to give a little bit of personal back ground information. As there are now many foreign visitors to London, it could be a good idea to emphasis which languages the escorts speaks. A client visit from Dubai may want to speak to a girl in his own language if he does not feel fully confident in conversing English.

In an advert a girl would also have an opportunity to explain which areas she covers. Not all escorts travel to all areas in London and some escorts may not want to venture as far out as Heathrow to visit a business traveler who is in town for just one night,

There is absolutely nothing wrong with promoting personal services in magazines and newspapers as long as it is done tastefully say the girls at As a matter of fact, it could perhaps be an excellent way for many magazines to increase their advertising revenue and get more readers.

Business travellers often use other premium services as well, and there is a possibility that the right kind of adverts, could attract other premium advertiser as well.

There are many associated business as well that would be happy to advertise. They include massage services, personal shoppers and catering services. The world of the international business traveler is quite different from every day life, and magazines should bear this is mind when selling advertising space. Perhaps it is about time the magazine publicity industry started to look at escorts as a premium service to business travellers, not as something which is a bit below par.

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