Passionate Chelmsford Escorts

I have always dreamed about having passionate nights, but I did not think that I had to wait until my late 40’s until I could experience it. A few years ago, I moved to Chelmsford and radically changed my life. Having sold my business, I soon realized that I had more time on my hands. At first I did all of the usual things you do when you move to a new place. I joined a country and golf club. But after a little while, I did realize that I was rather lonely, so I started to look around for some female company. Most of the nice girls were taken and I thought I was going end up on my own.


However, one evening I came across an advert for Chelmsford escorts on the Internet. To be honest I did not know if that was the route that I wanted to go, but I have to admit that I got turned on by the girls. They were all stunning, and I had never seen so many hot ladies in one place. After a little while, I plucked up my courage and called Chelmsford Escorts services. I had nothing to worry about. The girl on reception was very professional and I was soon on my first date with a girl.

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That evening I did not want to do more than to go out for a drink. I must admit that I was still a bit anxious about dating an escort, but Amanda from Chelmsford escorts gave me a really natural experience. The date went really well, and I asked if I could see Amanda again as I felt very comfortable around her. Amanda explained how things worked and she also felt that we got on really well.


It was not long before I had a hankering of wanting to see Amanda again. A couple of days later I found myself on the phone to Chelmsford escorts, anxious to arrange another date with Amanda. She had a busy afternoon but was able to meet up with later on in the evening. I waited for my date with Amanda like a little school boy, and eventually it was 9 pm. This time I met Amanda around her apartment, and we had a fantastic time together. As a matter of fact, when it was time to leave, I did not really want to go home.


Since then I have spend a lot of time with Amanda. She is one the most exciting women that I have ever met. On top of that she is really sexy as well. I love the fact that she has this amazing blonde hair, and the perfect body. Her skin is like silk and I cannot really let go of her when it is time to leave. She is not the only girl at Chelmsford escorts but she is the only girl for me. Maybe one day I will date another girl, but for the moment I am happy in the companionship of the sexy Amanda.

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