What are in and out calls in London?

Are you planning to date London escorts during the summer? That is great news, but we here at the Better Sex Guide understand that there is a lot of confusion between the different services that London escorts offer from the girls in www.charlotteaction.org/. A lot gents have contacted us by email to ask us to […]

Why sex is important in a marriage

Have you ever taken food without salt? It lacks taste and sometimes it can even irritate you. Sex is just like food without salt. Most relationships and marriages crash just because of sex. This essential ingredient of love plays a crucial role in any growing relationship. It is a bond that unites lovers and gives […]

Should You Advertise Your Service?

Ladies working as london escorts always seem to have a real dilemma. Should they, or should they not, advertise in magazines? It is a bit of a difficult problem but it all depends on the publication and how it is done. Classy Escorts in London Most London escorts are so good looking that they are […]

The Sexy you

Beautiful, everyone loves to be. It is a great word which has different inclination and attribution to people’s lives. The almighty father created person which has an innate beauty and uniqueness. It is not new that people are not contented on what they have. They always wanted more than what they deserve to have. They […]

Who earns the most. Page 3 models or escorts

It might be very glamorous to be a page 3 model in the Sun but does it really earn you that much money. It is an interesting topic to explore, and the result may not be what you expect. There seems to be thousands of girls in London who would like to be page 3 […]

A Sexy Cover Page Requires Much More Work Than We Realize

A lot of us look at the cover page without realizing how much work is put into creating one. Often we only appreciate the beauty of the model, but we fail to see other things that make it look good. A lot of time and effort is put into setting the scene. Sometimes only a […]