My Dream of Being a Star

I have always craved stardom, and for some reason, I have always felt that I wanted to be a star. To be honest, I don’t care what kind of star., I just knew that I wanted to be a star. My dad always used to be really heavily into porn movies, and I used to spend a lot of time around his house after he and my mom split. Most of the time I was there weekends, but my dad used to have to work weekends. When he was at work on Saturday mornings, I used to sneak down stairs and watch his porn movies. Now that was one way I could be a star.

 When I was 18 years old, I massively fell out with my mom, and left to work in London. In many ways, I thought that this was going to be my big chance and I thought that I could become a star in London. However, I knew that I would have to get a job until I managed to find a movie studio that I could work for. In the end, I did manage to find a job with East Ham escorts. I did not have a lot of experience, but the boss at East Ham escorts thought that I was really hot.

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To be honest, I was only planning to stay at East Ham escorts until I could find myself a job with a studio, but my reign at the agency was going to be for much longer. In the end, I ended up staying at the agency, this was the perfect job for me. I soon realized that I did not need to be a star at all, but what I needed to feel desired and wanted. That is exactly what I got in East Ham so I stayed with the agency for five years.

 After East Ham escorts, I did get a chance of becoming a star. A photographer who I used to date at the agency wanted a bikini model, and I ended up getting signed up for a contract. It was a really exciting job but did not pay as well as escorting. But I had a great time, and I actually enjoyed traveling allover the world and being photographed in exciting locations. I really did feel like a star and I ended up in some really good publications as well. Yes, in many ways I had finally become a star.

 Many of my former colleagues at East Ham escorts were a bit jealous of me, but I actually missed my old job. I had been doing for such a long time, and I am sure that a lot of people who live a job which they have been active in for a long time feel that way. In the end, I went back to London, and settled down a bit. I took a course in photography and ended up becoming a photographer myself. Now, I photograph the stars, and I realize that in many ways, I am a photographer to the stars. I do really well at my job, and I even photograph a lot of escorts in London.

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