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All my friends thought I was making tons of money when I was working as a page 3 model. but the reality was totally different. It was a struggle to meet the bills every month, and in the end, I almost chucked it in. A friend of mine was working for a London escorts service, and I decided to ask her if they had any vacancies. Fortunately for me I was able to get a job for a north London escorts service a couple of weeks later. If, I had not been able to get a job, I am pretty sure that I would have been back in Winchester by now.

Working as a Page 3 model must seem really glamorous to some people, but it is just really a fairy tale. Most photographers probably make more money than Page 3 models after syndicating all of your photos. When I first started out, I wasn’t really into reading contracts, but now I know better. I would perhaps make glamour modelling a part-time career, but I would want a lawyer to go over those contract details. For the moment, I am happy to be working full time for London escorts, and I think that I am going to continue until I have made enough money.

I suppose London escorts is not for all girls, but if you have experience of glamour modeling or being a porn star, London escorts could be right up your street as they say. Not only, do you get the opportunity to earn more money, but it is a job which is sustainable as long as you look after yourself. Most of the girls that I work with at London escorts are seriously fit, and they like to look after themselves. Some of my dates are really generous and they leave fantastic tips as well.

It took me a little while to get experience of escorting but once I had some experience, I did start looking around for other jobs. In the end, I found a really good job with an elite London escort service. It pays a lot more than working in north London, and I get to meet some really exciting gents. Some of the gents are a little bit nuts, but they are sort of nuts in a nice way. A lot of the glamour photographers were slightly crazy as well, but they were sort of creepy and I did not like that.

Surprisingly there are not a lot of lot of English girls working as London escorts. Most of the girls that I work with come from places like Poland and Hungary. In my opinion they are a bit too business like in their approach to working for London escorts services. Most of the English girls that I know sort of like to party and have some fun. It is slightly different, and I think it is better to have a relaxed attitude towards this kind of work. Let’s put it this way, I never take work home with me.

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