A Sexy Cover Page Requires Much More Work Than We Realize

A lot of us look at the cover page without realizing how much work is put into creating one. Often we only appreciate the beauty of the model, but we fail to see other things that make it look good.

A lot of time and effort is put into setting the scene. Sometimes only a couch on which a beautiful woman lies is featured, and sometimes there is much more than that. No matter what the setting is, if she is lying on the couch, or on a stack of hay wearing only boots and a cowboy hat, a lot of work is put into the cover page as it is the first thing that attracts us into buying a magazine. It acts as a mediator between the magazine and the reader, and as such, it is essential that great communication is established.

Setting up a model for the shoot is not just exposing a beautiful woman to the readers. It is about creating the illusion that she wants you to read the magazine, to enjoy her beauty. A lot of time is spent in choosing the outfit that she is going to be wearing. Sometimes it is completely revealing, and sometimes it is only exposing just the right amount of body in order to make the reader flip through the pages to see more.

If the model is not in a good mood, the photo shoot for the cover page will not turn out as well either. That is why you often see on TV that the photographer is talking to the models. It doesn’t happen because he is talkative, or that he is into her. He’s doing his best to get her in the right mood, because a real smile looks much better than a fake one, a sincere seductive look in her eyes is what draws us in.

Next time you reach for a magazine, take a moment to appreciate the amount of work that was put into the cover page. It doesn’t take five minutes, and there are far more people involved than just the photographer and the models. The right concept needs to be imagined, the scene needs to be set up, the model has to be chosen, and the photo shoot has to happen. Something that looks simple and easy to do usually isn’t. Stop for a second and think about how much work and effort has been put into seducing us.

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